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Tastiest Indian Food in Darlington to Indulge

To us, food is not just a means to satiate the basic needs of hunger. Food equals an emotion for our team. At Akbar Dynasty, we try to bring back the nostalgia of indulging in home-cooked meals through our dishes. Influenced by the indigenous recipes from the kitchen of Indian mothers and grandmothers, our food is authentic.

We prepare Indian Food in Darlington with care  and take away facility. Our chefs come from a sound background with remarkable experience in cooking Indian Dishes. Are you looking for a perfect weekend to enjoy with your friends and family? A heartfelt conversation over a delectable palate will make the fonder bonds stronger.

All of our ingredients are authentic and fresh

We carefully select the ingredients that we use in our recipes. We understand that to achieve drool-worthy results, we must do every step right. Our clients are fond of our menu like fluffy bread, aromatic sauces, tender yet juiciest meat and perfectly seasoned curry.

 We handpick the ingredients from local vendors who are reliable and reputed. Our experts check the quality of each product carefully before putting them into use. We can ensure that all the items in our dishes are fresh and unadulterated.

 As we want to lock the aroma in the dishes, we import the spices directly from the Spice Garden of India. With us, you will get the best Indian Food in Darlington.

Our recipes are health-conscious

 Indian food is often considered to be rich and spicy. At Akbar Dynasty, we are a team of ‘health conscious’ professionals. With an avid experience, our chefs have mastered the art of cooking the tastiest foods in low oil and less spice. However, the cooking techniques will never let you feel the difference.

 The food that we serve is easy to digest. You can find popular Indian foods like Biryani, Tandoor-made kebabs and hot curries on our menu. We also have easy-to-digest foods like rice, dal (lentil) and vegetable curry. The foods are also seasoned perfectly.

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